The Smart Commons Lab activates and reports on Special Issues in national and international scientific journals to catalyze research and knowledge sharing on the development of innovative business models and solutions for the common good.

To report Special Issues that may be of interest to the Smart Commons Lab community, please send an email to . Thank you!

Special Issue currently being published:

“Organizational learning for the common good” on Knowledge Management Research and Practice..
Guest Editors: Francesca Ricciardi, Valter Cantino and Cecilia Rossignoli. Expected publication date: February-March 2019

Open Special Issues:

“Sustainable business model and the common good” su Sustainability.
Guest Editors: Marc Ventresca and Alessandro Zardini. Deadline: 15 September 2019. The expected publication date for accepted articles: about 30 days after the first submission.

Special Issue of imminent opening:

“Grand Challenges and Entrepreneurship” su International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal.
Guest Editors: Francesca Ricciardi, Cecilia Rossignoli and Alessandro Zardini. Deadline (indicative): 15 October 2019. Expected publication date: summer 2020.