Working groups

The working groups of Smart Commons Lab emerge as a result of a spontaneous initiative of the members around specific themes. They can aggregate different subjects (such as researchers, companies, associations) from different geographical areas, both national and international, with the purpose of research, training, dissemination, design and consulting.


Active working groups:

  • New Business Models & the Commons (Referente: Valter Cantino)
  • Business Network Commons (Referente: Cecilia Rossignoli)
  • University 4.0: Managing the Impact of University Systems (Referente: Francesca Ricciardi)
  • Food Systems for the Common Good (Referente: Paola de Bernardi)
  • Dynamic Performance Management, Public Value & Common Good (Referente: Enrico Sorano)
  • Smart City Entrepreneurship & the Commons (Referente: Paul Pierce)


Working groups in the process of being set up:

  • Smart City Government & the Commons
  • Innovation Ecosystems and Industry 4.0 as Commons
  • Cultural Heritage as a Commons
  • Commons-oriented Management of Natural Protected Areas
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Hybrid Networks for the Common Good
  • Social Impact Finance as a Commons
  • Negotiation, Decision Making & the Commons
  • Organizational Logics, Leadership and Group Work for the Common Good
  • Smart Data Collection for the Common Good
  • Big Data Management and Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good
  • Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management for the Common Good
  • Reporting for the Commons
  • Management of Commons-Related Tensions and Conflicts